Eco gen charger pack

Unraveling the Mechanics: A Comprehensive Guide to its Functions

Solar Pannels

  • UNBREAKABLE: Laminated With Upgraded Environmentally Friendly Materials Tpu, Waterproof, Fire-Resistant,Largely Eliminates Issues of Damage From Microcracks as a Result of Foot Traffic or Vibration, Earthquake And Hailstone Resistant
  • SHADE RESISTANT:Outperforms other solar pan in partially shady conditions, Partial occlusion and weak light can still generate electricity
  • TECHNOLOGY:The latest production process uses 127um stainless steel substrate and three-junction amorphous silicon thin film battery to achieve high conversion efficiency.
  • UNBREAKABLE-THIN: flexible polymeric construction, it is truly flexible to be bent, sewed or treated in the surface to match any kind of surface line. A good choice for DIY enthusiasts in selecting an alternative power source.

    Our compact solar panels are capable of generating 5V and 0.5mAh, ensuring that the first battery can be fully charged within an estimated timeframe of 4 to 6 hours at maximum. However, our team is committed to enhancing efficiency, and we are actively working on reducing the charging time to a remarkable 2 hours. After careful research and evaluation, we have identified the ideal solar panel for our project, and we are excited to commence our work on this optimization starting from August 1st.

Kinetic Energy Generator

 the kinetic energy generator comprises a slider with magnets and 3 coils consisting of 1200 turns. The generator harnesses energy through movement, as the magnets pass through the coils, resulting in electricity generation. This electrical output is subsequently transferred to a diode bridge and then to the printed circuit board (PCB) to facilitate battery charging.

-coils : 1200 turn (2 dezyam)
-magnets : neodymium magnets
-Battery: 5000 mAh 


The Eco Gen Charger Pack mechanics are now complete, and the kinetic energy generator is operational, albeit in its prototype phase. During the testing phase, we have identified certain issues. While the kinetic energy generator is producing energy, we have observed some irregularities in its movement, resulting in efficiency variations based on the speed of motion. As the Eco Gen Charger Pack team, our primary objective is to develop a highly efficient energy generator that can harness energy from even the slightest movements. To achieve this, we are collaborating with esteemed doctors from LIU University.

The energy generation capacity of the generator relies on several key factors, including the number of turns per coil, the quantity of coils incorporated in the generator, and the sizes of the magnets. We have the flexibility to adjust these factors to optimize the generator’s efficiency according to our requirements. Moreover, we are actively addressing the smoothness issue of its movement, prioritizing the quickest and most effective solutions.

Overall, we are committed to refining the kinetic energy generator, ensuring that it achieves peak efficiency and delivers a seamless energy generation experience. Our partnership with LIU University’s experts is instrumental in developing a cutting-edge Eco Gen Charger Pack that meets the highest standards of performance and usability.